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How do I contact you ?

Address: Unit 57, Westside Business Park, Old Kilmeaden Road, Waterford. X91 XW82 Email: Telephone: 051 344107

I have a problem with my Internet Connection

The first thing to do is reboot your connection. NOTE: Do not hold down the reset button on your router as this wipe the preset settings and will incur an admin fee. 1. Power off your router by unplugging the black cable at the back of the device. 2. Power off your POE injector. This is a small black box with 3 cables going into it. Unplug the single black cable at the back of the injector for 30 seconds and replace. 3. Check that all the cables are inserted correctly. The cable coming from the roof should be going into the port marked POE on the POE injector. The cable marked LAN should be going into the back of your router. If you still cannot access the internet please contact us on 1890 815 660

Where is my Wifi Password ?

Its located underneath your router.

Can I get a static IP address.

Yes. Please email A 5EUR monthly charge applies for domestic customers.

What is your SMTP server ?

The Wifi signal cannot reach one room in my house.

This is a limitation of all wireless routers. A wireless powerline extender will help resolve this issue. An example of one is here.


051 344107


Open a support ticket

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